Knotted Shirt + Pencil Skirt

Shirt - Zara (similar) // Skirt - Primark // Shoes - Zara (such a crave & super sale)
Necklace - Zara (loveee this) // Bag - Zara // Earrings - H&M

Como deve ser óbvio pelo meu cabelo e pela ainda ausência de collants (que saudadeees!!), estas fotos já têm umas semanas... Na altura não gostei delas o suficiente para as publicar, mas actualmente a falta de tempo tem sido tanta, que aqui estão elas! A 'ideia' da camisa atada com um nó, é algo que tenho usado muito mesmo. Acho super giro para dar aquele toque mais fora do óbvio, uma espécie de clássico moderno!

It must be pretty obvious, that this pictures have some weeks, by my hair and the absence of tights (miss that!!)... When I've taken it, I haven't like them enough to post it here, but actually, time is something that is really missing around here, so here it are a little late. The 'idea' of a knotted shirt, is something that I've been wearing a lot. I really love how it results perfectly in classy outfits to give an 'out of the box' touch, a kind of modern classic!

Your thoughts, please.

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  1. Amazing look!


  2. Adoro, so sweet and chic :)
    Linda :)

  3. Lindo o colar. Gostei muito do look. Ja sigo tambem a tua pagina facebook.

  4. I SO wish we had Primark over here.. that skirt is absolutely beautiful! And the necklace. And everything else. I love this!

  5. Lovely outfit :)

    New Post Up:

  6. Hello,how are you? Hope your doing well...I love your blog ! Would you mind check out mine as well? I would really appreciate if you follow me and I'll follow you back as well...Thank you in advance for your time ,hope to see you soon..
    best wishes anna

  7. This is so so beautiful and elegant! Love your necklace and skirt!

  8. Really nice outfit : )

  9. schöner post <3

    Ich habe einen Adventskalender mit tollen Gewinnen auf meinem Blog :) Schaut doch mal vorbei!

  10. Uau! Que linda. Adorei o outfit baby.

    Um beijinho, Sara ♥

  11. You look amazing. I love the skirt and necklace.

  12. Fabulosa, adoro os neutros com o toque burgundy da saia!

    xx, Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  13. Love the leather skirt! especially cause it is leather and burgundy! perfect!


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