My Love for Instagram

Everybody knows that Instagram is the social network of the moment, few are the people that already didn't surrender to it and I must admit that even I've joined it late (only three months ago), it quickly become a guilty pleasure. Actually it is the only social network that I truly appreciate: I just love to open instagram and see my feed fulfilled of beautiful pictures and great inspiration; I love to capture the little things that catch my eyes day to day; I love to find random beautiful pictures based on the hashtags that I use on my pictures... You might find silly (my boyfriend does!), but I even think I'm happier since instagram entered on my life, now I pay much more attention to the little things around me: buildings that I don't use to notice, good things that normally would just be another normal thing in my day... 
Here it's a little preview...

Toda a gente sabe que o Instagram é a rede social do momento, poucas são as pessoas que ainda não se renderam. Quanto a mim, embora me tenha viciado tardiamente (três meses atrás), rapidamente se tornou uma das minhas maiores adições diárias. Na verdade, é a única rede social que adoro verdadeiramente: adoro abrir o Instagram e ver o meu feed repleto de fotografias para lá de bonitas e imensa inspiração; adoro capturar todos os pequenos detalhes com que diariamente me deparo; adoro descobrir fotografias lindas de forma completamente aleatória... Podem achar parvo (o boyfriend acha ahah), mas acho mesmo que sou uma pessoa mais feliz desde que o Instagram entrou na minha vida, aprendi a reparar muito mais nas pequenas coisas que me rodeiam.
Aqui está um pequenino preview...

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  1. I agree - Instagram is the best and my personal favorite social network. In a few moments you get amazing pictures which inspire and make people smile. Your profile is a case in point:)



  2. Сompetition on my blog! win lacy shorts :)

    I will rejoice to your participation, dear <3

    ask me if something is unclear :))

  3. Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform, too, but I hate when people only post staged perfect pictures. The point of the app is to capture real, messy moments in time.

    I'll definitely check out your account :)

    Megan //


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